Our Mission

Our Mission

The Brazos County Sheriff’s Office will provide the citizens of Brazos County with quality law enforcement services. Sheriff's Office employees will be fair, respectful and unbiased in their interactions with all citizens, and, they will perform their duties with professionalism and integrity.

Core Values

We value honesty and integrity. We expect all members of the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office to have strength of character, to demonstrate exemplary conduct and to carry out their duties with high moral and ethical standards.

We value the cultural diversity within our community and within our Office. We treat members of the community and members of our office with respect, while being objective and impartial. We respect the civil and human rights of all individuals. We do not act selectively towards individuals based upon their race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, or belief.

We value the Public's trust. In good faith, we always strive to diligently and competently exercise the authority entrusted in us, and we are honored to wear our badge as a symbol of that trust.